The well is an organization that was created to meet the unique demands of organizations with a largely distributed work force, or a portion of the workforce that works from home a large portion of the time.  We work with HR departments to set up, implement, and manage the holistic wellness strategy for their organization.  Identify and name the problem, now say how we fix it for you.   

Brandi Zorzy, Co-Founder

Brandi created The Well after teaching yoga in offices in San Francisco for 7+ years.  This tuned her in to the nuances of corporate culture and the differing needs among organizations with an increasing WFH workforce.  She has a deep understanding of what to curate for a program that meets and exceeds the needs of organizations who want to provide a robust wellness strategy that employees are actually excited to engage with.

While working in a high-pressure corporate job in New York City, she turned her connection to yoga and  meditation in to a tool to help the sales team she managed to mitigate pressure and maximize potential.  Upon moving so SF, she began to teach in various office environments.  She realized that yoga was only one part of a comprehensive wellness strategy.  Her passion for bringing yoga and wellness to organizations has evolved to a passion for helping organizations design holistic wellness strategies that unite the distributed workforce and keep their employees engaged along their personal wellness path.  She has become a thought leader in the corporate wellness field, and is driven by designing solutions that help people live and work to their maximum potential.

Lauren McCrae, Co-Founder

Lauren hails from a rich background in the healthcare sector. bio bio bio bio bio how it relates to the solution we are providing, relevant accolades etc.  

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

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